Anticipation for evacuating Turkey-loyal factions from “Al-Mabrukah” Power Station in Al-Hasakah countryside in implementation of the Turkish – Russian deal

Reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that its expected that the Turkey-loyal factions to withdraw soon from “Al-Mabrukah Station” in implementation of the Turkish – Russian agreement, and to hand it over to the regime forces and the Russians in return for feeding Ras Al-Ayn city with electricity by this station.

It is note worthy that “Al-Mabrukah Station” is located more than 10 km away from Al-Mabrukah village, and the area witnessed cautious calm in the past hours.

On December 1, SOHR monitored that the regime forces have been deployed today in al-Alya Silos in Al-Hasakah countryside after Russian Turkish negotiations, reliable sources informed that it has been agreed to run joint patrols between the Turkish forces and Russia on the highway M4, in addition to separating the south of the highway M4 “areas under Russia supervision”, and the north of the highway “areas under supervision of Turkey” with factions loyal to it.

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