A car bomb targets a Turkish column while passing through “Jarabulus” east of Aleppo .. and confirmed information about casualties

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored today, a violent explosion due to the explosion of a booby-trapped vehicle that targeted a column of the “Turkish forces” while heading to Al-Baldaq base west of Jarabulus city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

The explosion resulted in the injury of a number of “Turkish forces” with varying severity, and the wounded have been taken to the Turkish territory, amid confirmed information about fall of casualties in the ranks of Turkish forces, in conjunction with the flight of Turkish drones over the area.

On December 3, SOHR monitored that unidentified gunmen have shot a military commander in the Turkish-backed faction of “Al-Hamza Division”, in in Bizaah town in the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo, which caused his death after being taken to the hospital, followed by wide deployment of members of the faction in the town against the backdrop of the killing of the commander, it is noteworthy that the killed person is the brother of Al-Hamza Division’s leader and he was known in the area for being notorious.

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