As a part of their continued violations in the area .. pro-Turkey factions kidnap a pharmacist in Tal Abyad as he refused to sell prohibited analgesic drugs for them

A group of fighters operating under the pro-Turkey factions, kidnapped a pharmacist from Al-Sukariyyeh village west of Tal Abyad city, after he refused to sell them analgesic drugs “Tramadol”, which is available only with a prescription.

Sources said that the fighters are of “al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah” which operates in Al-Raqqah countryside.

It is noteworthy that the pro-Turkey factions practice violations against locals in the areas under their influence.

On December 4, SOHR published that it was informed by reliable sources that the Turkish-backed factions began demolishing houses, in Kormazat villages south of Tal Abyad city in the northern countryside of al-Raqqah near Sherkrak Silos, a few kilometers away of the international highway, and according to the Syrian Observatory’s sources, the demolition involves homes of the Kurdish citizens of the village who were displaced from it by the military operation “Peace Spring,” in addition to the homes of members of the Syria Democratic Forces of the area, as part of the continuous violations by the Turkish Forces and the factions loyal to them.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 30th of November 2019 that thefts and looting continue within the area of NE Syria, by Ankara-loyal factions, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the Turkish-backed factions of “Peace Spring” started thieving barley in Abu Julud village in Mabrukah area in the western countryside of Ras Al-Ayn, where 3 trailer trucks have been loaded and taken from the area, while the faction’s flag was raised at the amount of barley left there.

The barley in this village is owned by the Christian family “Asfar and Najjar” and they are one of the most prominent pioneers in agriculture in the area, sources informed SOHR that the number of barley bags stored in the village reached 8000, and the family could not transport them previously, where the factions come now to start their thefts as they already do in all areas that came under their control in the north-east of Syria.

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