Anonymous persons tear a picture of the “regime’s head” and write “Revolutionaries of Al-Ghouta Are Coming” in Douma city in Rif Dimashq

Rif Dimashq Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, that anonymous persons tore a picture of the head of the Syrian regime -Bashar Al-Assad- hanged on the building of a school in Douma city.

According to the sources of SOHR; unknown persons wrote anti-regime phrases on the school’s walls, including  “overthrow the regime .. revolutionaries of Al-Ghouta are coming back .. we demand the release of detainees”.

Local sources informed SOHR that the regime’s intelligence deployed 4 checkpoints in the vicinity of the school after the incident, in addition to closing the school completely, amid a state of security tightening at all checkpoints in Douma city and its surroundings.

SOHR published on November 20, that local sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that regime’s intelligence imposed a curfew in Mesraba town in the Eastern Ghouta, and according to the Syrian Observatory’s information: the curfew came against the backdrop of anti-regime writing by unknown people on some school walls and other walls in the town, which led regime’s intelligence to launch a big raid in the town lasted for several hours, during which they arrested about 20 people, most of them were former fighters of Jaysh al-Islam who made “settlements”, and their arrest came on the back drop of phrases against the regime.

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