In the frame of their violations in the area .. areas under control of pro-Turkey factions north of Al-Raqqah witness popular protests and lack of services and basic requirements

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored popular protests today, in “Sluk” town in Tal Abyad countryside north of Al-Raqqah, as a result of the lack of services and basic requirements in the areas that came under control of Turkey-loyal factions.

Reliable sources informed SOHR that these towns are witnessing tragic reality, where they suffer from lack of electricity and shortage of oil, bread and potable water.

“The citizens queue up in front of bread furnaces to get little bread that does not meet their needs, and this comes in the shadow of the undermining and starving policy practiced by the Turkish forces and their loyal factions, against the locals of the town with the purpose of empting the city of its original inhabitants to replace them with families of the fighters and people displaced from other provinces in order to settle them there as a part of the demographic change they intended to make in the area” the sources added.

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