Regime’s prisons still continuing to claim the lives of more Syrians as 2 young men from Daraa province killed

SOHR documented the death of 2 young men from Daraa province under torture in the regime’s security detention centers.

A young man from Tasil town died in regime’s security basements after more than 7 years of detention, while the other one is from Mahjeh town, he died in Saidnaya Prison after more than a year of detention.

With the death of more people it rose to 16144 civilians casualties documented by names, the number of casualties who were killed under torture by the regime, and they are: 15956 men and young men, 125 children under the age of eighteen, and 64 women over the age of eighteen out of 104000 people of whom the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that they were killed inside the branches, and more than 83% of them were liquidated, killed, and died in these camps between May 2013 and October 2015, while the sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that more than 30000 detainees were killed in the notorious prison of Sednaya, and the second largest percentage of killing was in the Air Force Intelligence department.

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