3 helicopters take turns in dropping barrel bombs on Idlib countryside .. and more than 60 airstrikes target the “de-escalation” zone

3 helicopters alternated dropping barrel bombs on Maarshourin town and the vicinity of Maarshamshah in the southern countryside of Idlib, raising to 24, the number of barrel bombs dropped by helicopters today on Kafr Nubl, Bzabour, Al-Bara, Ihsim, Hass, Hazarin, Abditta, Kafr Sajna, Kafr Shalaya, Tell Mannas, Maarshourin and the vicinity of Jarjnaz in Idlib countryside, and the area of Kabani in Latakia countryside.

Meanwhile, the Russian warplanes targeted the “de-escalation” zone with about 18 raids through which they targeted Al-Bara, Al-Halba, Al-Burayj, Iblin, Balshoun and Baylon in the southern countryside of Idlib.

Also the regime’s warplanes carried out 22 raids on Kafr Mous, Hazarin, Kharbat Barnan, Farawan, Al-Barsah and the Abandoned Battalion in the southern and eastern countryside of Idlib.

In connection to this, the regime ground forces shelled the southern and eastern countryside of Idlib, the southern countryside of Aleppo, and both Hama and Latakia countryside, in conjunction with sporadic clashes in the battle fields, between the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them on one hand, and the factions and jihadi groups.

The Syrian Observatory documented the death of 20 citizens including 8 children, as well as the injury of 43 others due to the bombardment by the regime and Russian warplanes on Idlib province since morning.

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