U.S. forces prevent a Russian military patrol in Tal Allou of al-Qahtaniyah countryside

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the U.S. forces prevented a Russian military patrol in the countryside of al-Qahtaniyah east of al-Qamishli city.

According to sources of SOHR; the Russian patrol wanted to explore the area of Tal Allou in Al-Qahtaniyah countryside today morning, but the U.S. forces prevented them from doing so and forced the Russians to turn back.

The SOHR reported two days ago, that the rumors reported through Russian media outlets about a Russian patrol in the city of al-Raqqah, is not true, as the Russian patrols in this area are limited only to the northern countryside of al-Raqqah.

It is noteworthy that the Russians run patrols in Ain Issa and other areas north of al-Raqqah, also there is a Russian military base in Ain Issa.

The SOHR monitored on Saturday, a new stage of joint patrols between the Russian forces and their Turkish counterpart, where a joint patrol has been conducted between the both parties on Al-Hasakah – Aleppo Highway aka “M4”.

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