The Turkish-backed factions continue their violations in Afrin through kidnapping, looting and pillaging actions against the remaining locals in the area

The Turkish-backed factions have been still continuing their violations represented by kidnappings, arrests and looting and pillaging actions against what remained of Afrin’s residents in the north-west of Aleppo, as a part of the systematic strategy to push citizens leave their areas.

In this context, a group of Al-Sham Corps has arrested a citizen in Sharran township on charge of “cutting down trees” after the group arrested him several times before and he was released after paying sums of money.

Another group affiliated to one of the factions has cut down olive trees in the village of Umar Sammu in Sharran township too, in addition to cutting down more than 80 olive trees in Drakair village in Maabatli township, it is noteworthy that the cutting down of trees by the Turkish-backed factions has been increasingly continuing throughout Afrin area.

Meanwhile, sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that members of the factions forced about 20 citizens of those who have tractors in Maabatli township to plow large spaces in the plain of Ammara village in preparation for planting them with grain for favor of the factions, the sources added that the factions have neither given wages to the citizens nor paid the cost of fuel.

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