As tens of trucks arrived in Shaddadi base, a U.S. patrol stationed in Al-Hasakah city for hours

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that a patrol of the U.S. forces launched today morning, Sunday, from Himu base in Al-Qamishli in Al-Hasakah city, and the 4-armored vehicle patrol divided into 2 group, in which 2 armored vehicles headed towards Al-Itfa’iyah roundabout, and the 2 others headed to Sinalco roundabout, and the vehicles stopped in the abovementioned areas for nearly 6 hours, without doing anything, before they left the city towards the U.S. base in Isterahat Wazir, amid flight of U.S. helicopters over the area.

SOHR was informed that the trucks that entered the Syrian territory yesterday evening via Al-Walid crossing at the border with Iraq, headed today morning to Al-Hasakah then to Al-Shaddaddi town, where 100 trucks affiliated to the International Coalition carrying logistic and military equipment, entered the Syrian territory yesterday evening and headed to Al-Qamishli.

Lens of SOHR monitors U.S. armored vehicles at “Al-Itfa’iyah roundabout and Sinalco roundabout” in Al-Hasakah city, where they have stopped for 6 hours before they returned to the U.S. base in Isterahat Wazir.


عدسة المرصد السوري ترصد مدرعات أميركية عند "دوار الإطفائية ودوار سينالكو" بمدينة الحسكة حيث توقفت في المنطقة لنحو 6 ساعات قبل أن تعود إلى القاعدة الأميركية في استراحة الوزير

Posted by ‎المرصد السوري‎ on Sunday, December 15, 2019

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