5,700 displaced people from Ras Al Ain and Tal Abyad in Washukani camp in Hasakeh countryside endure catastrophic humanitarian situations, in the total absence of the United Nations

IDPs are living in a very difficult humanitarian situation in the displacement camps due to the Turkish military operation “Peace Spring” in northeastern Syria, in the absence of intervention and assistance from international organizations and the United Nations in particular, and perhaps Washkani camp in Hasakeh countryside is the most prominent example of the disaster that IDPs experiencing there, where reliable sources told the Syrian Observatory, that the United Nations has never entered the camp, not even the other organizations, and the assistance provided to the camp is limited to the work of the Kurdish Red Crescent only, as the camp is home to about 800 families and numbered more than 5,700 people, The vast majority of them have been displaced from the areas of Tal Abyad north of Raqqa and Ras al-Ain north of Hasakeh, Accordingly, the Syrian Observatory call on the relevant organizations and the United Nations to intervene and help the displaced people there.



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