In conjunction with the absence of Air Force for four consecutive hours, hit-and-run clashes take place in Maarrat al-Nu’man countryside

Warplanes of the Russian and the regime have been absent for four consecutive hours, after carrying out more than 70 airstrikes on the area, and in the same context, hit-and-run clashes are taking place between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them, against the Islamic and jihadi factions, near the international highway south of Maar al-Nu’man city, in the areas of Kafr Basin, Babulin, and Sehyan, also areas of al-Halban and Magharat Mirza west of Abu al-Duhur are witnessing violent clashes, in an attempt by the regime forces to advance there, amid intense ground shelling on the area, while Maarrat al-Nu’man city and its countryside and the towns of Kafr Nubl and Talmanas were shelled with high-explosive missiles.

And the Syrian Observatory monitored hours ago documented more human losses due to the Russian bombardment on Jubas village in the eastern countryside of Idlib.

The number of displaced people who were killed in the Russian airstrikes on a school accommodates people displaced in the village that is located 1 km away from the M5, rose to ten including six children and two women. The death toll is expected to increase due to the presence of injured cases in serious conditions.

Separately, fierce battles continue between factions and jihadi groups against regime forces and gunmen loyal to them, as the regime is seeking to achieve new advancements enable it to get closer to Aleppo – Damascus International Highway (M5).

Meanwhile, HTS targeted Jarjnaz town which is under control of the regime forces, with an explosive-laden vehicle with a suicidal bomber in it, which left casualties.

Accordingly, the number of members of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them who have been killed in the detonations and clashes since after midnight rose to 23. Also, it rose to 19, the number of fighters of the factions and Jihadis who were killed today, raising the number of casualties of both conflicting parties since the beginning of Thursday’s ground offensive to 301 casualties of both parties, they are: 134 of the regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them, and 167 fighters including 29 of the factions and the rest are of the Jihadis.

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