Air defenses of Russian airbase of Hmeimim thwart hostile attack on the base

SOHR sources reported hearing explosions in the countryside of Jableh city as defense system of the Russian airbase of Hmeimim intercepted hostile targets after midnight of Tuesday – Wednesday. It was not known whether these targets were drones or shells fired by the factions.

SOHR sources confirmed that several rocket shells fell on perimeter of the airbase. No information was reported about casualties so far.

It is noteworthy that Russian airbase came under an attack by drones a week ago.

On December 23, SOHR monitored explosions in the vicinity of Jabbala city in Latakia countryside. Sources confirmed that they were caused by Air Defenses of the Russian base “Hmeimim,” which targeted foreign objects believed to be “drones” flying over the area.

The Syrian Observatory pointed out yesterday that loud explosions were heard in Hama Military airbase as air defenses intercepted strange objects believed to be “drones” that attacked the airbase. No casualties were reported.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored on the 21st of December, an aerial targeting whose source is still unknown to date, targeting al-Rayyan’s gas station, Homs refinery and the central region gas plant after midnight Friday – Saturday.

The targeting was carried out by drones, which led to outbreak of fire in the above-mentioned areas after some pipes and furnaces to improve the petroleum materials exploded, no casualties were reported.

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