Hundreds of Idlib children travel long distances on feet to reach schools as education no longer supported

The education sector continues to be most damaged from the shelling and displacement, where the children make up the largest group of hundreds of thousands of the displaced people in Idlib province, and now they either skip school or suffer badly in order to pursue education. The difficulties are represented by not having schools within the random camps and the long distances from the camps to the schools, in addition to the poor financial conditions that prevent them from purchasing many of stuff necessary for education, allowing them to only get the necessary requirements, also the support for educational facilities north of Syria has stopped and resources of the teaching staff and schools in general are weak.

The Syrian Observatory’s sources confirmed that there are about 300 school-age children in “Al-Rashid Camp” and the “Eastern Countryside of Hama Camp”, which are located to the south of Kafr Takharim town in the northern countryside of Idlib, while 70% of the children are educated in schools in the towns of Armanaz and Kafr Takharim, which are several kilometers away from the camps and there is not transportation, or the transportation costs are high, which increase the burden of their displacement and force them to walk.

Children also suffer from difficulties in moving within the dirt areas, which have turned into mud with winter rains, not to mention the cold weather and the fact that they do not have heating in the classroom, due to the scarcity of gasoline in the markets and the lack of support of the educational sector.

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