“SDF” raid a village in rural Deir Ezzor searching for wanted after chaos and clashes killed and injured five

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored this morning a demonstration carried out by residents of al-Kubar village in Deir Ezzor countryside, protesting against insulting the residents and the robberies that took place in their homes last night during a raid on the village in search of wanted, where the Syria Democratic Forces arrested 4 young men.

An exchange of fire took place between SDF members and the residents during the demonstration, which killed a young man and injured four others and also injured a member of the Syria Democratic Forces, after which residents went to SDF headquarters and burned a headquarters of the Autonomous defense after their members fled.

In the meantime, HAT Forces of the Syria Democratic Forces carried out a major campaign in the village, where they positioned on the outskirts and entrances to the village, and when a funeral was underway the residents went to “SDF” members and an exchange of fire took place and a young man was killed, while the Syria Democratic Forces launched a large-scale raids and arrests in the village.

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