Unknown assailants attack regime checkpoint and IEDs go off in several areas in Daraa province

Daraa Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: an IED went off in a vehicle of a person deals with militias of the Lebanese Hezbollah, which injured a civilian and caused material damage.

In connection to his, another IED exploded in an office in Tafas city, but no casualties were reported about.

Also unknown assailants attacked a regime checkpoint in the area between Al-Harrak city and Al-Surah town. No information about the amount of losses casualties has been reported so far.

The number of attacks and assassination attempts took place in various forms and methods by detonating bombs, mines, booby-trapped cars, and firing with light and medium weapons, since June 2019 until today, rose to more than 253, raising in turn the number of people killed in the same period to 171, they are 28 civilians including four women and two children, 91 of the regime forces and militiamen. loyal to them and collaborators of the security forces and regime institutions, 29 fighters of the faction who carried out “reconciliation and settlements” and became in the ranks of regime’s security branches, including former commanders, and of the 16 Syrian militias of the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian forces, in addition to six of what is known as the 5th Corps which was established by Russia.

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