Turkish-backed gunmen kidnap a woman in rural Afrin

Aleppo Governorate – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Activists told SOHR that gunmen abducted a woman from her home in Ma’arkasa village in Sharan district of Afrin, after her house was raided by an armed group, without knowing the abductors’ identity or the reasons for the kidnapping.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory reported that Turkish-backed factions continue their abuses against the remaining residents of Afrin in northwestern rural Aleppo, including arrests and kidnappings on an almost daily basis, aimed at blackmailing the families of abductees and detainees to pay money for their release.

The main thrust of these practices is the systematic policy of pushing the remaining residents out of their areas.

Local sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that “Mohammed al-Fatih” faction raided the civilians’s homes in “Korkan” village of Ma’abatli district in rural Afrin.
Nearly ten civilians, including three women, were arrested for dealing with “Self-Administration”, when “Self-Administration controlled Afrin area and countryside in northwestern Aleppo.

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