Turkish Jandarma shot a young man on the border with Iskenderun

A young man from Jarjnaz in Idlib countryside, was injured after being shot by the Turkish border guard forces (Jandarma) in the western countryside of Idlib, while he was trying to cross into the Turkish territory.

On the 17th of December 2019, SOHR sources reported that the Turkish border guard forces continue to kill the Syrians who try to find a save haven to take refuge at, fleeing the Russian and regime military operations and their consequences.

In this context, SOHR documented the death of 3 citizens including a woman after being targeted directly by the Turkish border guard forces “Jandarma” while trying to enter the Turkish territory where they were taking one of the smuggling routes from the side of Salhab village in the northern countryside of Jisr Al-Shughur.

According to what SOHR documented; the number of Syrian citizens who have been killed since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, has increased to 441 including 77 children under the age of eighteen and 43 citizen women over the age of eighteen.

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