U.S. forces stop a Russian patrol on the M4 in rural Al-Hasakah

A U.S. patrol stopped a Russian patrol this afternoon, at Hittin junction on the road between Al-Hasakah and Al-Qamishly. Altercation took place between both party ended with the return of the Russian patrol after being prevented from continuing its way on the M4 Highway.

On December 26, Sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that a fight broke out between Russian soldiers and American ones, as both parties were present in the same area.

According to the sources; a number of U.S. soldiers roamed in “Tal Tamr” town escorted with a team including a translator. The team had a task of knowing the locals’ opinions about the U.S. presence in the area. The sources confirmed that all locals described the U.S. forces as traitors.

They also toured in areas where the Arabs of Al-Sharabin tribe and Kurds are located. It was coincided with the presence of Russian soldiers in the same area, in which a hassle ignited and developed to hand-to-hand fighting.

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