Turkish military column enter Syria via Kafr Lusin crossing heading to observation posts in the “de-escalation” zone

The Syrian Observatory activists reported that a new Turkish military column of 15 military vehicles escorted by vehicles affiliated to their loyal factions, entered the Syrian territory via Kafr Lusin crossing on the border with Iskenderun, north of Idlib.

The column headed to the Turkish observation posts within the “de-escalation” zone.

This action is coincided with the first violation by Russian warplanes to Idlib’s new ceasefire only three days after it came into effect.

On January 9, SOHR sources monitored the entry of a Turkish military column, from Khirbet al-Jawz crossing in the western countryside of Idlib. the column consists of about 12 vehicles carrying logistic equipment and soldiers, and it headed towards the observation post at Ishtabraq near Jisr al-Shughur.

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