Idlib’s ceasefire: Russian airstrikes hit rural Ma’rat al-Numan

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored renewed air strikes on “Putin-Erdogan” area, Wednesday morning. Russian warplanes carried out several raids on areas in Ma’ar shorin and Masaran in rural Maarat al-Numan south-east of Idlib, in a new breach of the cease-fire announced by Russia and Turkey four days ago.

Furthermore, Regime forces bombed places in Al-Ghadfa, Masaran, Abu-Jreif, Al Kana’yes and Tel Al Sheikh in east and south-east rural Idlib. No casualties were reported.

Last night, SOHR reported that Russian warplanes violated the ceasefire for the first time since came into effect on January 12, three Russian warplanes flew over the “de-escalation” zone, and targeted the vicinity of Khan Al-Subol in rural Idlib.

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