Russian, Turkish forces conduct joint patrol in rural Al-Derbasiya

The Syrian Observatory activists reported that Turkish and Russian forces conducted a joint patrol which became a regular occurrence in rural Al Darbasiya city in Al-Hasakeh governorate.

The patrol set off from Sherik border crossing and roamed the villages of Dhahr al-Arab, Malak, Dalik, Aliah, Aradd and Kessra, accompanied with two Russian helicopters. The patrol is the 21st of its kind since the joint patrols began in early November.

On the 13th of this month, SOHR reported that Russian and Turkish forces conducted a new joint patrol in villages western rural Ain al-Arab (Kobane), accompanied with two Russian helicopters over the area.
The joint patrol will roam the villages of Shamma, Jarikli, Qaran, Dekmdash, Khorkhori, Boban, Savtek and Tal Sha’ir.

Eyewitnesses in the area informed the Syrian Observatory that the residents of Jarikly village received the patrol with stones and rotten vegetables as an expression of their displeasure with the Turkish presence in their areas.

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