Libya mercenaries transfer: 3,250 volunteers among the Turkish contingent of mercenaries, 19 of whom killed in Tripoli battles.

The Syrian Observatory continues to monitor and follow up on turkey’s transfer of fighters from the Syrian territory to the Libyan territory.

The volunteering process in the ranks of the Turkish-backed fighters in the ranks of mercenaries who go to Libya continues strongly, despite the media release of the Syrian Observatory.

The number of recruited fighters who have arrived in the Libyan capital Tripoli so far has risen to about 1,750 “mercenaries.”

The number of recruited fighters who arrived in the Turkish camps for training has reached about 1,500, amid significant continuous recruitment in Afrin and in “Euphrates Shield” areas as well.

The Syrian Observatory also monitored the killing of at least five mercenaries of the Turkish-backed “National Army” factions in Libya battles.

Bodies of some of them have arrived in Afrin area northwest of Aleppo, increasing the number of fighters killed in military operations in Libya to 19 fighters of the factions of “al-Mutasim Brigade, Sultan Murad Division, Soqur al-Shamal, and al-Hamzat.”

It is noteworthy that the conscription of mercenaries is a crime according to the international conventions issued by the UN before about 30 years ago.

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