“Autonomous Administration” issues a decision banning the export of sheep as they went missing from the market and meat prices went high

The Autonomous Administration of north and east of Syria issued a decision limiting the export of sheep outside of areas of the Autonomous Administration, due to the high exchange rate of the US dollar against the Syrian pound and the loss of sheep from markets, which are affecting the citizen’s ability to obtain meat.

Areas of the “Autonomous Administration” are witnessing a crazy rise in prices of livestock, due to the continued export to northern Iraq after offering them in local markets, in conjunction with the rise of the exchange rate of the US dollar to 1200 Syrian pounds, also smuggling takes place towards regime forces’-controlled areas, which increased meat prices to more than 10 thousands Syrian pounds at least, where the price of a female sheep reached 400,000 Syrian pounds, while the price of a kilogram of sheep alive exceeded 3,000 Syrian pounds.

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