Sweida discontent: residents continue to protest poor living conditions as commodity prices rise

Sweida Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

Dozens of Sweida residents continue to protest deteriorating living conditions and rising commodity prices as Syrian pound plummets to historic lows.

Activists told SOHR that dozens of residents gathered outside the ‘governorate’ building in the city, for the fourth day in a row, protesters carried banners saying “We are peaceful, we have the right to live”, and ” We took to the streets beacause of you.”

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory reported that dozens of Sweida governorate residents in southern Syria, gathered in Shahba Square to protest deteriorating economic conditions, for the third day in a row, chanting “We want to live”.

Protesters carried banners in the town square, denouncing the collapse of the Syrian pound, whose exchange rate against the U.S. dollar reached 1,250, and government corruption, also demanded better living conditions, price control and holding corrupt accountable.

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