Via fake flights, Turkey continues to transfer “mercenaries” to Libya, increasing number of Syrian volunteers to 3,600

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights continues to keep pace, monitor, and follow up on turkey’s transfer of fighters from the Syrian territory into the Libyan territory as this operation continues significantly.

In new details obtained by the Syrian Observatory, a new batch of mercenaries of the “National Army” factions and al-Sham Corps were transported to Libya during the last hours, by private plane from Gaziantep to Istanbul then to Libya, where the planes are flying as a fake domestic flights, and do not cross from the official borders so that no IDs should be provided about the arrivals, in case the International Court wants to open an investigation.

So far, the number of recruited fighters who have arrived in the Libyan capital Tripoli has risen to about 2,100 “mercenaries.”

The number of recruited fighters who arrived in the Turkish camps for training has reached about 1,500, amid significant continuous recruitment in Afrin and in “Euphrates Shield” areas as well.

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