Opposition factions repel regime attempts to advance in rural Idlib

Clashes have been continuing on frontlines in Tal Musaytif as the regime forces have been still unable to achieve any advancement there.

In connection to this, rebel and jihadi factions shelled positions of the regime forces in the villages of Al-Zahabiyah, Magharat Merza and Qatrah in the eastern countryside of Idlib, leaving several regime soldiers injured.

Separately, Russian jets executed 36 raids during this day, targeting Kafrnaha, Rif al-Mohandesin al-Awwal, Shamiko, al-Zerba, al-Mansoura, Kafrjoum, and other areas in Aleppo countryside, and Marshashmeh, Talmenes, Marshourin, and the countryside of Maarrat al-Nu’man and Saraqib in the eastern sector of Idlib.

Hours ago, the Syrian Observatory activists reported that the factions shelled this afternoon the vicinity of the regime-controlled city of Jableh in Latakia countryside, but no information was reported about casualties.

The Observatory activist also documented a new massacre due to bombardment by Russian jets on Bala village of Anjara area in western rural Aleppo. A man, his wife, and their two children were killed in the bombardment that took place in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Also, a citizen was killed in a raid by Russian warplanes on Rif al-Mohandesin in the western sector of Aleppo.

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