US troops settle on M4 to intercept Russian patrols amid continued tension between the two sides in north-eastern Syria

Tensions have continued to increase significantly in recent days between US and Russian forces in the north-eastern regions of Syria.

Syrian Observatory sources report that American forces settled on the international highway M4, at the entrance to Por Said village near Hattin junction which connects Amuda and al-Hasaka city, in order to prevent Russian patrols from passing and roaming on the road, a Russian patrol entered Ain Dewar village and took the road of Semalaka crossing accompanied by a SDF vehicle, as Us armored vehicles parked at the entrance to the town of Gil Agha waiting for the Russians to pass.

Yesterday, Syrian Observatory activists reported that U.S. forces intercepted a Russian patrol at Karziyarat village on Al-Malikiyah – Maabada highway in Al-Hasakah countryside.
The Russian patrol returned to Al-Qamishly airbase after being prevented by the Americans from reaching the SDF-controlled crossing of Smelka on the border with Iraq.
US-Russian struggle over influence is underway in the area from Tal Fukhar village to Khanat Sirri village in Al-Hasakah countryside.
It is noteworthy that Smelka crossing point is a prominent passage used for the crossing of International Coalition military and logistic assistance to SDF.

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