No warplanes fly over the “de-escalation” area and the factions shell Aleppo neighborhoods

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of a citizen from Talmanas town, affected by a previous injury he had in ground shelling, raising the number of civilian people killed today to nine including five children: a man, his wife, and their three children who are displaced from al-Hamra village in the eastern countryside of Hama, they were killed in bombing by the Russian warplanes targeted a house in an agricultural land in the eastern countryside of Saraqib, a child and a woman from one family were killed in Russian aerial bombardment targeted Arnaba village Jabal al-Zawiyah, and a citizen died affected by injury he had in ground shelling a few days ago.

In the same context, explosions were heard in Aleppo city, due to the fall of shells launched by Jihadi factions on the 3000-apartment project and al-Assad Suburb in al-Hamdaniya, also the rebel factions targeted al-Dobbat buildings in Halab al-Jadidah area using a guided missile, and they destroyed surveillance equipment.
The jihadi factions also targeted a military vehicle of the regime forces in Halban village in the eastern countryside of Idlib, no information about casualties so far.
Also, the Syrian Observatory monitored the cessation of airstrikes for hours due to weather conditions, where the number of airstrikes carried out by regime’s warplanes since morning rose to 48, the number of barrel bombs dropped by helicopters rose to 40, and the Russian warplanes have carried out 51 strikes since this morning.
The airstrikes concentrated on the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo.

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