After announcing their desire to abandon the Organization’s ideology, extremist women burn an Indonesian family’s tent in “al-Hol mini-state”

Al-Hasaka Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: a tent was burned inside the “al-Hol Camp” today, it was inhabited by a woman with her children of the Indonesian nationality who are from the families of members of the “Islamic State” organization.
Reliable sources told the Syrian Observatory that the extremist women are behind the fire, where the Indonesian woman spoke to the media about her desire to abandon the ideology of the “Islamic State” Organization and return home.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored on the 15th of January 2020 that two children died and their mother was injured, after a fire broke out in a tent in ‘Al Hol mini-state’ camp in far southern rural Al-Hasakah.

The burn victims are families of ISIS group of Turkish nationality, the fire is likely to have been caused by extremist women of the group families’ members.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory reported that the body of a woman killed by extremist women was found in al-Hol camp in rural Al Hasakah province. According to the Syrian Observatory sources, the victim refused to apply the ideology of the “Islamic State” before she was killed.

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