A “Guarantor” that builds with one hand and destroys with the other: Turkish organizations building temporary houses as displacement continues

The northern areas of Idlib countryside are witnessing the spread of random camps built primitively, then the rainwater flooded parts of them as they have been built randomly in low places.

Because of that, the Turkish IHH (Humanitarian Relief Foundation) started building temporary homes for the displaced people in the northwestern countryside of Idlib, as an alternative to the tents and due to the large increase in number of displaced people coming to the border with Iskenderun escaping the intensive shelling, which is targeting many towns and villages in the southern countryside of Idlib and the western countryside of Hama, and because the recent shelling has spread even more and targeted many cities and towns in Aleppo’s southern and western countryside.

In a statement the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained on the 22nd of January 2019, one organization said that the purpose of building these temporary homes is to house 10,000 displaced families as a first step in the project, which aims to house 60,000 families and is being carried out about 5 km away from the border with Iskenderun near al-Bardaqli village in Kafrluseen area in the northern countryside of Idlib, and the organization pointed out that the reception of displaced families benefiting from the project will start in the next few days.

Local sources in the border area of Kafrluseen told the Syrian Observatory that the land on which the project is being built is a “public” property.

Hundreds of thousands of citizens have been displaced from the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib, while the Syrian Observatory has documented the displacement of 85,000 citizens from the countryside of Aleppo in the last nine days.

The Turkish border is under heavy security by the Turkish border guards to stop asylum operations from Idlib countryside, while the Russian “guarantor’s” warplanes continue to bomb large places within the “de-escalation” area according to the Turkish “guarantor” which feeds one hand and kills with the other.

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