Regime forces advance into Maarrat Al-Numan, while opposition factions repel regime attempts to advance further into rural Aleppo

SOHR sources reported that opposition factions fired high-explosive missiles early this morning on neighborhoods of Aleppo city, which destroyed a residential building and left many civilians injured.

Separately, the regime forces have been continuing their attacks on areas in the southern countryside of Aleppo since yesterday evening. The factions managed to thwart the regime attempts to advancement into the areas of Ikthar Al-Bazar and Al-Sahafiyeen in Aleppo countryside.

Observatory activists documented the killing of 11 regime soldiers and loyalists and nine rebels during the clashes and bombardment on Aleppo countryside.

On the other hand, SOHR was informed that fierce clashes erupted between the regime forces on one hand, and the factions and jihadi groups on the other, in areas surrounding Maarrat Al-Nu’man city.

Regime soldiers and loyalists imposed their control over Al-Ghadfah town as the factions and jihadi groups withdrew from the town, after the regime and Russian preliminary intensive aerial and ground firepower, bringing the number of towns captured by the regime in the recent hours to 7: Al-Ghadfah, Talmannas, Maarshamsheh, Deir Sharqi, Deir Gharbi, Maarshmarin, Maaratah, in addition to other positions in the area.

Meanwhile, Russian jets executed several raids targeting Al-Eman Hospital in Serjeh area in Jabal Al-Zawiya south of Idlib. They also targeted Maarrat Al-Nu’man city and other areas, west of Aleppo with several airstrikes.

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