Russian military delegation meets with Kanaker’s dignitaries and former opposition commanders south of Damascus

Reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory that a Russian military delegation visited Kanaker town and met with some dignitaries and former commanders in opposition factions.

According to SOHR sources, a delegation of several Russian officers and other members entered Kanaker town in an armored personnel carrier and headed to the house of a former opposition commander where the meeting was held.

During the meeting, they discussed the issue of the detainees whose fate has been still unknown, and the Russian officers promised to disclose their fate soon.

It is noteworthy that this was the second visit by Russian officers to “Kanaker”. Last month a Russian delegation visited the town and met with dignitaries and former commanders in opposition factions to discuss the development of the state of tension in the town.

At that time the town witnessed repeated attacks on regime checkpoints. In addition, many vigils were also held during which protesters demanded the release of detainees from regime prisons, as well as graffiti on walls in the town demanded the release of detainees and the Iranian militias leave Syria.

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