Dozens of regime soldiers killed or injured in rebels’ car-bomb attack in Aleppo

Syrian Observatory sources report that an attack with a car-bomb carried out by HTS, targeting groups of regime forces and loyalists in “Biyut Muhanna” in north-western rural Aleppo, killing at least 12 members of regime forces, and destroying vehicles and ammunition.

Opposition factions and jihadist groups were able to destroy several tanks, armoured vehicles and heavy weapons on Al Sahafiyeen and Ikthar Al Bithar frontlines in western rural Aleppo.

Moreover, rebels and jihadist factions carried out an attack on regime forces positions in the villages of Al Samakeh, Al-Nuhyeh al-Sharqiya, Al-Nuhyeh Al-Gharbia and Mshimis, east of Idlib, killing and injuring dozens of regime forces on those frontlines.

Regime forces and loyalists were able to advance and captured Tallet Al-Mahroukat and the warehouses of Khan Touman, south of Aleppo city, after fierce battles with jihadist factions and rebels, where seven members of opposition factions were killed, including three of jihadist groups, following an intensive air and ground offensive by regime and Russian jets on areas in rural Idlib and Aleppo.

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