More than 25 persons killed or injured in a car-bomb explosion in Azaz city

SOHR activists report that a violent explosion was heard today in   Azaz city, causing massive destruction and damage to property.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the explosion caused by a car-bomb left by unknown persons in a crowded area near a gas station and restaurants.

The explosion killed seven unidentified people, including at least one child, and more than 20 others were injured to various degrees.

On January 23, Syrian Observatory sources reported that a security alert occured in “Suran” area in northern rural Aleppo, after the former chairman of Souran town council being kidnapped and killed, by targeting his car in Sheikh Reeh village, his father, who was accompanying him, was injured as well.

The former chairman body was found near the site of the abduction, backed-Turkish Al Jabha Al Shamiya Factions and Muhammad al-Fateh Brigade were deployed in the area immediately after the incident.

The victim is close to Turkish forces deployed in north of Aleppo. SOHR sources confirmed the killing of a member of the Turkish-backed “Free Police”, after being shot by unknown gunmen on the road to Akhtarin town in Al-Bab city, north-west of Aleppo.

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