Regime forces block the international highway M5, capturing eight towns in less than 48 hours, and nearly 190 airstrikes on “Putin-Erdogan” area

SOHR sources reporte that regime forces and loyalists reached the international Aleppo-Damascus highway known as “M5”, where they blocked the road north of Ma’rat al-Numan from Babila village.

Regime forces have taken control of the city from the north and east, after regime forces and loyalists captured Ma’ar shourin this evening, following fierce battles with jihadist and opposition factions.

In less than 48 hours, eight towns have been brought under regime control in rural idlib: (Telmans, Ma’ar shamsha, Deir Al-Sharqi, Deir al-Gharbi, Marshamarin, Marata, Al-Ghadfa and Ma’ar shourin), as well as other locations in the area.

Syrian regime and Russian jets continue targeting various areas in Aleppo and Idlib provinces. The number of airstrikes carried out by Russian jets increased to 78, targeting frontlines south of Aleppo and western countryside, in addition to airstrikes targeted Ma’rat al-Numan, Ma’ar shorin, Mara’and and Kafrenbel, and other areas in Idlib and Aleppo.

Syrian regime jets also targeted areas in Khan al-Sobul, Dadikh, South Saraqeb and frontlines southeast of Idlib, while jihadist groups shelled regime forces’ deployment sites in Kafr Zeita city, north of Hama. Regime helicopters also dropped 52 barrel-bombs on rural Ma’rat al-Numan and frontlines eastern rural Idlib.

The Syrian Observatory learned, this afternoon, that oposition factions and jihadists groups were able to advance on frontlines of Mshimis, Samakeh and Al-Barsa northeast of Ma’rat al-Numan, after an attack carried out by rebels in an attempt to reduce pressure on the eastern frontlines of Ma’rat al-Numan city.

The Syrian Observatory documented the death of four members of jihadist groups and eight regime soldiers during the battles in north-eastern frontlines of Ma’rat al-Numan.

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