U.S. troops expand their presence near the international highway M4, establishing a new military base

Syrian Observatory sources report today that a convoy of trucks for U.S. forces set off from their bases in southern rural Al Hasakeh and headed to Tal Baydar base, which has been expanded near M4 international highway at al-Darbasiya-Hasaka junction.

Today, more than 75 trucks carrying heavy weapons, military armoured vehicles and logistical materials arrived at Tel Baydar base.

Meanwhile, US forces roamed Tal Barak area. Syrian Observatory sources added that U.S. forces paid money to land owners in order to establish a US base there.

On January 25, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that U.S. forces stationed at the eastern entrance to Tal Tamer town of rural Al-Hasakah blocked Russian military vehicles at the town’s roundabout and prevented them from passing toward al-Qamishli city through Hasakeh- Aleppo International highway ‘M4’, as part of the recent skirmishes and tension between the two sides.

U.S. forces are expanding Tal Beder base in rural Qamishli in northern Hasakeh province, in order to move troops from their nearby bases, with transfering of Grad missiles from Iraq to the Tal Baydar base.

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