With intensive air and ground bombardment, regime forces continue to advance towards Ma’rat al-Numan city, capturing 14 territories

Syrian Observatory sources report that heavy battles continued on several frontlines in southeastern rural Idlib, between opposition factions and jihadist groups on one hand, and regime forces and loyalists on the other, as part of continuous attack by regime forces for the third day in a row with a hysterical fire support.

Regime forces targeted the frontlines and the back lines with thousands of rocket-propelled grenades and artillery since after midnight, in addition to dozens of airstrikes. The Syrian Observatory monitored further advances of regime forces in Idlib, they were able to capture Masaran, Khirbet Mezyan, Tal Al-Sheikh and Al Sawami’a, while the battles caused more casualities on both sides.

The number of areas controlled by regime forces since Friday evening 24th of this month rose to 14, (Telmans, Ma’ar shamasha, Al Deir Al Gharbi,Al Deir Al Sharqi, Ma’ar shamarin, Ma’rata, Al-Ghadfa, Marshourin Al-Zaalana, Al-Dana, Tal al-Sheikh, Sawami’e, Khirbet Mezyan and Ma’asyan).
Meanwhile, clashes continue between the two sides on the frontlines of western rural Aleppo, accompanied by shelling and exchange of fire, The Syrian Observatory documented the killing of 12 members of regime forces yesterday, as a result of clashes and targeting of factions and jihadists for military vehicles with guided missiles, as well as the death of nine fighters who have been killed in the same clashes and bombing.

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