Syrian army begins to loot and burn civilian property in taken territories east of Ma’rat al-Numan

Once the Syrian regime captured an area, the “Army of the Homeland’ begins to loot, and burn civilians’ properties.

Syrian Observatory activists report that looting and plundering of civilian homes by regime forces took place in areas they have controlled since Friday evening, 24th of this month, (Telmens, Ma’ar shamsha, Al Deir Al Sharqi, Al Dier Al Gharbi, Ma’ar Shamarin, Ma’rata, Al-Ghadfa, Marshourin Al-Za’alana, Al-Dana, Tal Al-Sheikh, Sawami’e, Khirbet Mezyan and Masaran), a large number of civilian homes were burn after being looted, where thick clouds of smoke were seen in areas that regime forces and loyalists have been able to control.

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