Regime forces bomb south and west of Aleppo with hundreds of missiles and rockets as battles continue in the city’s western outskirts

Syrian Observatory sources report that regime forces targeted areas in west and south-west Aleppo countryside with more than 500 rockets and artillery shells since Wednesday morning to date, amid continued violent clashes between opposition factions and jihadist groups on one side, and regime forces and loyalists on the other, on the frontlines of Shoihneh, Al Sahafiyeen and Al Rashideen Al Khamiseh west of Aleppo and other frontlines in the vicinity of Khalsa and Khan Touman, south of the city.

Meanwhile, regime forces tried to advance after midnight in Tall Mostif in east Idlib countryside, but the opposition factions and jihadi groups managed to repel the attack, along with cessation of Russian and regime airstrikes since midnight last night.

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