Turkish forces refuse again to conduct joint patrol with Russians as tensions continue between both sides in north-eastern Syria

Reliable source informed SOHR that Turkish forces refused again to conduct a joint patrol with their Russian counterpart in northeastern region of Syria.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, a Russian patrol arrived Thursday morning at Sherik border crossing with Turkey in rural al-Derbasiya, waitaing the Turkish troops in order to conduct a joint patrol, however, Turkish troops informed the Russians through one of the officers that they will not go out on patrol, and then Russian forces conducted a patrol alone in the villages of rural Derbasia.

The incident was the second of its kind in a few days, as Turkish forces refrained from conducting a joint patrol in rural Ain al-Arab (Kobane).

On the first of this month, activists informed the Syrian Observatory that Russian forces closed the crossing between Amuda and Al-Darbasyah, near Al-Kharazah village on Syria-Turkey border, by large cement blocks. It is noteworthy that the crossing had been opened by Turkey before it closed again and put an iron gate.

It seems that the tension between both forces that emerged two days ago in the Syrian North, expanded to overshadow the NE Syria region.

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