The number of regime soldiers and Iranian-backed militiamen killed in Israeli bombardment on Daraa and Rif Dimashq rises to 23

SOHR sources confirmed that the death toll of regime soldiers and Iranian-backed militiamen who were killed in the Israeli bombardment in the early hours of Thursday morning rose to 23.

Observatory activists documented the killing of 15 Iranian-backed militiamen, including five Syrians and at least three Iranians, in Israeli bombardment on their positions in Damascus and Daraa. Eight other regime soldiers, including an officer, were also killed after targeting to air defense batteries nearby Damascus.

SOHR sources reported earlier that at least 12 Iranian-backed militiamen of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities were killed as a result of Israeli shelling on regime forces and pro-Iranian militias’ positions in the 1st Division’s the “91st Brigade” nearby Al-Kiswah city, the “75th Brigade” nearby Al-Muqaylabiyah village to the west of Damascus, positions in Jisr Baghdad area on the road between Damascus and Homs, and the agricultural airport in the south of Izraa in Daraa province.

The shelling targeted air defense batteries and weapons and ammunition depots destroying many of them.

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