Regime rapid advancement in rural Aleppo: only two km separate Syrian regime from controlling the strategic M5

Syrian Observatory sources reported that regime forces advanced further into Aleppo countryside approaching Damascus – Aleppo international highway aka M5, after capturing Al-Zarbah, Al-Barqum, Al-Kammari, Al-Salehiya and Al-Kalariyah. Only an area of 2 km, represented by the area of Al-Rashideen 4th sector where a Turkish military post is located, separate the Syrian regime form imposing full control on the entire highway.

On the other hand, regime and Russian aircraft continue intensive bombardment targeting places in Maarrat Al-Na’san, Kafr Nuran, Kafr Halab, the vicinity of 46th Regiment, Jam’eyyat Al-Rahhal, the vicinity of Kafr Naha, the vicinity of Urm Al-Kubra, Al-Mansurah and other areas in both western and south-western countryside of Aleppo.

Over the recent hours and days, regime forces captured more than 52 areas in both southern and western countryside of Aleppo: Khan Tuman, warehouses of Khan Tuman, Al-Khalidyah, Rajam, Hazmer Hills, Kherbet Kharas, Tal Al-Zaytun, Maarata, Al-Rashideen fifth sector, Zammar, Jazraya, Othmaniyah Kaberah, Talafeh, Tal Tabarez, Maharem, Khawwari, Al-Qal’ajiyah, Khalseh, Zitan, Berneh, Al-Huwayr, Abad, I’jaz, Sheikh Ahmed, Tal Karatin, Al-Zahiryah Farm, Al-Aaseriyah, Mak-hala, Rasm Al-Ward, Um Atabah, Rasm Al-Eis, Rasm Saharij, Jib Al-Kas, Bans, Al-Eis, Al-Eis Hill, Al-Kusaybiyah, Al-Bawabiyah, Al-Talhiyah, Tal Haddiyah, IKARDA, Al-Salihyah, Al-Barqum, Al-Zarbah, Al-Kammari, Al-Kalariyah and other positions and hills in the area.

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