Rocket attack on Taftanaz military airport leaves ten people dead among Turkish troops and proxies factions

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the killing of six Turkish soldiers and seven others were wounded to various degrees, as a result of a rocket attack carried out by regime forces on the military airport of Taftanaz, where Turkish forces are deployed, as well as the killing of four fighters of proxies factions.

On March 3, regime forces bombed a Turkish post in Tarnaba, west of Saraqeb, killing eight Turks, seven soldiers and one civilian employee.

Meanwhile, Russian jets returned to escalate bombardment on Idlib province, with intensive raids nearby Idlib city on the west side and nearby Zardna, while HTS launched an attack with a car-bomb on the frontline of Maznaz village in southwestern rural Aleppo, amid ongoing violent battles with regime forces and loyalists.

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