Regime jets’ massacre in Idlib city: 12 people killed, half of them children, and over 30 wounded

Regime forces carry out counter-attack on Al-Nayrab town, regaining control of large parts

Activists told SOHR that the death toll of Regime jets’ massacre in Idlib city rose to more than 45 persons killed or wounded. The civilian’s death toll of regime jets’ bombardment on the neighborhoods of Al-Sina’a and Al-Jala’a in Idlib city rose to 12, including at least six children, (seven people were killed in al-Sina’a and five in Al-Jala’a neighborhood.)

The aerial bombardment also injured at least 32 people. The death toll is expected to rise as there are wounded, some in serious condition.

Moreover, violent clashes renewed on the frontline of Al-Nayrab town, northeast of Idlib, between opposition factions and jihadist groups backed by Turkey on one hand, and regime forces and loyalists on the other, in a counter-attack carried out by regime forces in order to regain control of the town.

Regime forces were able to regain control of large parts of the town, shortly after the factions captured it with intensive Turkish artillery support.

Meanwhile, intensive airstrikes continue by regime jets and helicopters with Russian jets on various areas in western and southwestern rural Aleppo, Idlib city and eastern, southern and south-eastern countryside.

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