Nearly ten Turkish-backed rebels killed in fierce clashes with SDF in Tal Tamr

Nine Turkish-backed rebels were killed last night in fierce clashes with SDF in Tal Tamr countryside. The clashes which lasted for hours, erupted at midnight in the villages of Al-Alyah, Laylan, Al-Arish, Tallat Owaish, Al-Qasimyah and Um Ishbah.

SOHR sources reported that the Turkish-backed factions targeted in the early hours of Thursday morning, Al-Alyah Silos in the south of Ras Al-Ain in rural Al-Hasakah with artillery.

On February 11, SOHR activists monitored intense missile shelling by Turkish Forces on places in the villages of Om al-Khair, Mjibret al-Sharrbeen, Dardarah, and Twila in Tal Tamr countryside which are controlled by the regime forces and Syriac Military Council.

Two days earlier, SOHR sources reported that clashes erupted between SDF and Turkish backed factions using heavy weapons. No information about casualties has been reported so far.

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