Crew of second downed regime helicopter found dead

SOHR sources have reported that the severely dismembered bodies of the crew of Syrian regime helicopter, which was shot down earlier in the area of Qabtan Al-Jabal northwest of Aleppo city, were found. The helicopter was shot by Turkish forces stationed in the area, using a guided missile there by a guided missile.

The Syrian Observatory had just reported that a helicopter belonging to Syrian regime shot down in northeastern rural Idlib, after being targeted in Qabtan Al-Jabal while flying over the area and dropping barrel-bombs on towns and villages there. No information has been received to date about the fate of the crew. A helicopter was shot down three days ago in the skies of Idlib province.

On the 11th of this month, SOHR sources have reported that a helicopter belonging to Syrian regime was shot down after being targeted by Turkish forces between the area of Al-Nayrab – Quminas In the north-eastern countryside of Idlib, the flames were seen coming out of the helicopter as it shot down in the area. The crew was killed, a pilot, co-pilot and two weapon specialists.

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