After shooting down regime helicopter, uneasy calm prevails in rural Aleppo amid suspension of regime aerial operations

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a cautious calm prevailed throughout western and north-western sector of rural Aleppo, interspersed with an exchange of rocket-propelled grenades on the frontlines, took place between regime forces on the one hand, and opposition factions and jihadists on the other. With stoppage of regime’s jets and helicopters from flying over the region, after Syrian regime helicopter was shot down by Turkish forces a few hours ago.

Hours ago, SOHR reported that Russian jets carried out a massacre, bombing Ma’rata village near Al-Atareb in western rural Aleppo, killing five civilians, including two children and a woman.

The Syrian Observatory documented the death of a man and a child as a result of a rocket attack carried out by regime forces on Al-Atareb in western rural Aleppo. A displaced woman was also killed in Russian airstrikes on Qabtan al-Jabal in western rural Aleppo during the past hours, while shelling on Ma’rat al-Atareb and Qabtan al-Jabal injured at least 18 people, some in serious condition, which may rise the death toll.

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