Exchange of fire and violent clashes continue between Ankara-backed factions and SDF in Ayn Issa 

Activists told the Syrian Observatory that violent clashes continued on frontlines near Ayn Issa area northern rural Al-Raqqah, and other frontlines in rural Tal Tamer, north of Hasakeh, between factions belonging to SDF on the one hand, and Ankara-backed factions on the other, amid ongoing intensive and violent shelling between the two sides.
SOHR sources have also reported that Turkish-backed factions brought in a large military reinforcement to the frontlines of Ain Issa, where a large military column arrived from Tal Abyad area.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory monitored artillery shelling carried out by Turkish forces and proxy factions, targeting the villages of Taweela and Tal Taweel, which belonged Tal Tamer town.

Turkish-backed factions also bombed Al-Khalidiya village and near Ayn Issa camp, as Turkish drones flew over the area there.

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