Syrian regime attempts to encircle major towns in north Aleppo amid ongoing attacks by rebels and jihadis in western countryside

1210 soldiers, rebels and jihadis killed in 22 days of Aleppo and Idlib military operations

Russian jets executed more raids targeting places in the northern, western and north-western countryside of Aleppo, along with ongoing battles in Kafr Halab and Meznaz, west of Aleppo, following attacks by rebels and jihadis on regime positions there.

On the other hand, regime forces that are stationed in Aajil and Owayjil villages, north-west Aleppo, continue their attacks seeking to reach Jabal Al-Sheikh Oqail area, so that can encircle the major towns and villages of the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Observatory activists documented the killing of 34 regime soldiers and loyalists, including eight non-Syrian members, and 29 jihadis in today’s bombardment, detonations and battles.

Gross human losses were documented in the ranks of both warring forces who have been killed in aerial and ground bombardment and fierce clashes since the 24th of January 2020. 479 jihadis among 634 opposition fighters were killed so far, in addition to the killing of 576 regime soldiers and loyalists of whom there are 18 foreign militiamen loyal to Iran, including four members of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

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